Workshop Ensemble (WE)


Hailed as “alternately buoyant and ponderous, transfixing and exceptional” (City Arts Magazine), Beth Fleenor’s Workshop Ensemble is a 12-piece modular project that performs her chamber works. Grounded in learning and working Fleenor’s  20 Etudes for Blindfolded Musicians, WE also work in conduction and sonic meditation. Through the use of blindfolds to heighten full body listening/awareness, WE cultivate focused intention, highlighting that intention as a respected member of the ensemble, in a practice of non-visual, non-verbal empathic communication.

WE 1_ken h WE are
Michele Khazak (voice)
Kate Olson (soprano sax)
Brian Bermudez (tenor sax)
Chris Credit (bass clarinet)
Sam Boshnack (trumpet)
Naomi Seigel (trombone)
Michael Owcharuk (piano)
Geoff Larson (bass)
Evan Flory Barnes (bass)
Greg Campbell (percussion/horn)
Adam Kozie (drums)
Beth Fleenor (clarinet/voice/comp)


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photos by KenH & Daniel Sheehan