Installations, Scores & Commissions


Dance / Sound Meditation: SILT   (2012)

Dance / Music: What Better Than Call a Dance with Kin of the Moon & Karin Stevens (2018)

Music for Blindfolded Ensemble   (2010 – present)

Mycelium: Chamber Music for Paul Taub (2018)

Installation/Performance: Our Piece for Genre Bender (2016)

Installation: Mother May I   (2011)

Film: So I Was Wondering (2015)

Film: Golden Beetle (2012)


2018_Paul Taub: Mycelium for Flute, Piano, Cello, and Percussion premiered at Cornish College of the Arts
2018_Kin of the Moon / Karin Stevens Dance: What Better Than Call A Dance for voice/clarinet and dancer
2018_Vanessa Skantz: Sister Trickster for voice/clarinet and dancer at Teatro de Psychomachia
2017_Bushwick Book Club: SHRILL based on the book by Lindy West for voice and 3-piece band
2016_Genre Bender: Our Piece collaboration with Justin Huertas – baked 800 tiny pies for audience, conducted audience as a 400 person beat-boxing choir, composed sonic meditation
2016_1448 BoomBox: Kali Out Kali Calm for voice and large ensemble
2016_Vanessa Skantz: Invisible Wind for voice/clarinet, percussion and dancer at the Chapel Performance Space
2015_Heather Bentely’s The Ballad of Ishtar: a modern experimental opera on the rage of the goddess regarding rape culture (co-performing lead role of Ishtar with movement artist Paris Hurley)
2015_So I Was Wondering – Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band music for film
2015_Double Yoko: Leg of Lamb at Sole Repair – live improvisations for 4 hour performance art variety installation
2014_Earshot Jazz Festival: Liberation Ritual 1 for Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band
2014_Bushwick Book Club / Jack Straw Writers Program: To Say Goodbye for work with poet Claudia Castro Luna
2013_SIFF / SJCE / Seattle Composers Alliance: The Sound of Silents live music for film
2013_UMAMI Performance: Constellation Half Remembered 11 Site Specific Dance Performances co-composed with Amy Denio
2013_Bushwick Book Club: Amanachi based on David Byrne’s How Music Works book
2013_Bushwick Book Club / SJCE / Seattle Men’s & Women’s Choirs: Flesh for voice, large ensemble and choir based on the Book of Leviticus from the Bible
2013_Paige Barnes: Naked for Voice, Clarinet, and Found Objects
2012_UMAMI Performance: sonic meditation SILT commissioned by Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble, UMAMI & Karin Stevens Dance
2011_New Music for Blindfolded Ensemble
2011_Mother May I a craft, sound, and heritage installation at Jack Straw New Media Gallery featuring 24 hours of improvisation with 20 artists in a week-long “Catharsis Sanctuary”
2010_Vanessa Skantz: Frozen Hummingbird for voice/clarinet/drum and dancer
2010_Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble / Sounds Outside Music Festival: Music Exercises for Blindfolded Ensemble
2010_Tiny Cowboy Infestation – Installation Cornish College of the Arts
2006_Dead Bird Movement: Craning co-composed with Sam Boshnack and Jherek Bischoff at ConWorks
2004_Double Yoko: Light. Paper. Sound. at 911 Media Arts