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Bunny Blasto Records features limited edition ARTifacts rooted in sound, featuring Beth Fleenor as a leader & collaborator on clarinet, bass clarinet, voice, electronics and toys, as a composer and improviser in different contexts and iterations. Each project is also represented by a hand-crafted piece, made to deliver a sonic experience.

AUDIO DOWNLOADS:  https://bunnyblasto.bandcamp.com/
ARTifacts: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BunnyBlastoRecords

Tea with Mr. Patton: All improvised Voices, electronics, and found sounds conjured by Beth Fleenor & Michele Khazak.



A sixteen minute, conduction based, sonic meditation performed by the Workshop Ensemble.



Movement Exercise No. 1 for Blindfolded Ensemble is the first in a series of etudes composed to heighten collective awareness and communication within a group. Each exercise form is written as a schematic and is memorized by players in the ensemble. The players are then blindfolded to improvise the content of the piece. Sections are cued through each member’s direct contribution to the collective intention, without any visual or predetermined communication.


Disjunctive, raucous, soaring, and powerful – Figeater is a textural, tribal exploration of organic movement. Improvisations are punctuated, buttoned and launched by original compositions and songlike psychedelic episodes. This EP features conFIGurations: Special Fig and Super Special Fig.


Sweet Figeater Surprise is a performative three-record, sculptural box set. The collection is comprised of three main FIGures generated from six distinct ensemble conFIGurations, arranged into individual discs (labeled Fig. 1, Fig. 2 & Fig. 3). Each conFIGuration features a collection of original works or parameters  that punctuate, button and launch spontaneous compositions by the ensemble. The conFIGurations are geared at creating dynamic sonic shifts in terms of aesthetic, texture, vibe and genre.


Double Yoko is Beth Fleenor: clarinets / voice / electronics and Paris Hurley: violin / tape players. A constantly shifting time-based entity, Double Yoko strives to process individual and collective experience to encourage growth and healing. From project to project their work can include improvisations, through-composed pieces, installations and performance art, among other outlets.

Live, all improvised set from the 2004 Seattle Improvised Music Festival featuring Beth Fleenor (clarinet), Mark Oi (guitar), and Jeff Huston (electronics).

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