Composer/Improviser, Clarinetist/Vocalist Beth Fleenor is an American artist that harbors a strong love for variety & all sonic manipulation, moving freely through genres such as rock, jazz, classical, contemporary chamber, Slavic & American folk, metal, musique concrete, ambient & pop. Her work has been heard internationally from 100,000 seat rock festivals, maximum-security prisons, and performance art in rural bars, to art galleries, bunkers, sidewalks, sacred spaces, and some of the most prestigious concert halls, museums, clubs and theaters in the country.  Believing that “art is the discipline of being,” Fleenor uses sound to open the channels of communication between and within individuals and environments. Her work as been heard in live music, recordings, theater, performance art, installation, modern dance, and film. She believes that an emphasis on creativity in a culture gives rise to creative solutions to social problems.

Fleenor is honored to have worked with artists such as Wayne Horvitz,  Butch Morris, Bobby Previte,  Trey Gunn, David Byrne, Terry Riley, Robin Holcomb, Jherek Bischoff, Joshual Kohl,  Matana Roberts, Briggan Krauss, Skerik, Amy Denio, Samantha Boshnack, Led To Sea, Mirah, Soko, William O. Smith, Eyvind Kang, Tamar-kali, LaFrae Sci, Malcom Goldstein, Jessika Kenney, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Denney Goodhew, Paris Hurley, Jim Black, Timothy Young, Paul Moore, John Tchicai, Gretta Harley, Bright Archer (Johanna Kunin), Mike Dillon, Parenthetical Girls, Robin Lynn Smith, Gino Yevdjevich/KULTUR SHOCK, Shane Perish,  Implied Violence, Paul Budraitis, Jessica Lurie, Jeff Huston,  Bill Patton, Monktail Creative Music Concern, Tom Swafford, John Burrow, Matthew Richmond, Stephen Parris, Michael Owcharuk, Stephen Fandrich, and Zachary Watkins, among many others.

Currently she can be found performing with Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band, Workshop Ensemble (WE),  and Wayne Horvitz: Electric Circus.

Fleenor holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz and Classical Clarinet Performance from Cornish College of the Arts. Her work has been supported by Jack Straw Productions, 4Culture, Allied Arts, Artist Trust, the Millay Colony for the Arts, and the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs. Originally from Bristol TN/VA, she has been based in Seattle, Washington since 1998.

Installations, Scores & Commissions

For complete emersion in Fleenor’s artistic practice please visit https://mybuffalos.wordpress.com/