Tuesday, May 1 – 9pm
LoFi Seattle
429 Eastlake Ave E

The time has come to say it out loud…bassist Isaac Castillo is off to start a new chapter in Hawaii and this will be our last BOOM before he goes…

Obviously, this is a hard thing for us both to process personally, artistically, emotionally, psychologically, and professionally…but I am so very excited for him, I know it is the right thing, and I believe that when you love someone, you want the very best for them, and that means supporting them wholly – even if that means they have to leave to go live in the middle of the ocean…

Yes the BOOM will continue. Yes I will continue. And Yes we will stand by each other for the rest of our lives….I mean come on, he’s my very best friend and has been for years and we love each other deeply and have been through hell together… and yes and yes and yes and yes.

And we are both devastated and excited, and paralyzed and in overdrive, and bewildered and understanding, and feeling tiny and bold – pretty much, feeling all the things simultaneously and then some…but we are both surrounded by immense love in every direction, and everything will be as it needs to and should be….

So if you want to hear what all that sounds like, the laughing, crying, screaming, exaltation of it all, then come join us for this show, and let’s send him off with the biggest BOOM imaginable.

We will be joined by super cool bands RGK & the Alternative Facts and Explosions Everywhere. Boom closes out the night.


Crystal Beth & The Boom Boom Band and RGK+The Alternative Facts are once again joining forces to grace the Seattle stage for a night of high energy musical inspiration.

To any who have seen Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band, no explanation is necessary. Part rock band, part spiritual experience, and full on catharsis, no other band has such ability to part Seattle’s cloudy skies and deliver listeners to a truly different realm.

Treading the line between darkness and loving light, sultry and savage, RGK+The Alternative Facts brings an element of deep stylistic fusion to the realm of the power trio. Between high flying vocals, jazz-inspired harmony, and raw musical power, this band leaves no stone unturned in their search for a deep human experience through music.

Joining the fray is Explosions Everywhere, Seattle’s newest Sax/Synth/Drums trio. Playful and powerful, instrumental virtuosity meets stellar songwriting with this up and coming band.

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