Crystal Beth (solo), Ben Von Wildenhaus, Jason Goessl + Scott Keva James
1762 Airport Way S

Please come down to Mokedo for an evening of live music and visual collaberations with a very special video album release by FRACTAL HORIZONS!

Fractal Horizons is a video album collaboration between Scott Keva James and Jason Goessl. Goessl recorded the multilayer guitar soundscapes at Jack Straw Studios in Seattle for Sonarchy Radio, which was aired on 90.3 KEXP in November 2016. Goessl brought the tracks to Scott James with the intention of making a video album. Thursday March 23rd will be the debut of this collaboration. Scott and Jason have been working together as sound/visuals partners for over a decade in two of Jason’s other projects; Obleus and Trimtab. This will be the first official release of their collaborative efforts.

Suggested donation $10-$15 (donate what/if you can)
Donations go directly into supporting the artists and Mokedo.

More about the Artists:
Jason Goessl
Born and raised in a small village in eastern Wisconsin Jason became an accomplished jazz guitarist by age 17. At age 18 Jason started his trek west. His first stop was Eau Claire WI. There he studied music at the University and played in the award winning jazz ensemble with such jazz greats as saxophonist Michel Brecker and guitarist Charlie Byrd. Getting the itch for more inspiration, Jason moved to Minneapolis where he made a living gigging most nights of the week. With his insatiable desire for creativity and elevation, Jason made the trek to Seattle WA. Today, Jason makes a living as one of Seattle’s top guitarist in most genres. From jazz to country, indie to Brazilian, ambient to metal, Jason is a freelance guitarist that approaches the music with studied curiosity and stamps it with his indelible signature sound.

Scott Keva James
Scott Keva James is a Seattle-based A/V artist whose work focuses on live performance, installations and immersive environments. He has a keen interest in time, texture and flow. In his work lyrical patterns emerge and slide along the continuum between organic and inorganic, nature and artifice, abstract and concrete. Since co-founding The Now Device in 2004, he has provided creative direction to projects for symphony orchestras and clients like Xbox, MSN, Getty Images, Seattle Theater Group and the Jimi Hendrix Foundation. Scott spent nearly two years as the visual resident and then producer at Oscillate (Seattle) and performed most years at Seattle’s Decibel Festival. Thanks to an NEA grant-funded project, since 2008 he has taught a digital media design studio for teens at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House. Scott continues to perform at art centers, galleries and clubs in Washington, Colorado, Ohio and New York, and has collaborated with numerous local and international artists.


Ben Von Wildenhaus
bio and event description:
Ben von Wildenhaus (ex-Federation X) is a guitarist who’s spent time in both NYC and Washington State. His style has been compared to Marc Ribot and Jim Campiglongo. New York Music Daily calls it “deep noir.” Spin describes his music as “a tight confluence of meditative anti-shredding.” He has two albums, Great Melodies From Around (Riot Bear, 2011), and Ben von Wildenhaus II (GLOBOS, 2015).
“Orbothology” is a collaboration between the video artists House Plants (NYC) and the guitarist Ben von Wildenhaus. The orb takes center stage as a fetishized object of Eastern mysticism and American new ageism. The performance is both hilarious and intensely psychedelic. Orbothology debuted as a showcasing performance at SXSW 2012 in Austin, Texas. The collaboration was also performed in Los Angeles, CA, New Haven, CT, Olympia, WA, Seattle, WA, and Bellingham, WA. House Plants is a collaborative video enterprise by Brooklyn, New York artists Michael Nason and Brendan Harman. Their works include music videos for Das Racist, Led Er Est, Acrylics and Ben von Wildenhaus.

Crystal Beth (Solo)
Composer/clarinetist/vocalist Beth Fleenor harbors a strong love for variety & all sonic manipulation, moving freely through genres such as jazz, rock, classical, contemporary chamber, Slavic & American folk, metal, musique concrete, ambient & pop. Her work has been heard internationally from 100,000 seat rock festivals, maximum-security prisons, and performance art in rural bars, to art galleries, bunkers, sidewalks, sacred spaces, and some of the most prestigious concert halls, museums, clubs and theaters in the country. Believing that “art is the discipline of being,” Fleenor uses sound to open the channels of communication between and within individuals and environments. Her work as been heard in live music, recordings, theater, performance art, installation, modern dance, and film. She believes that an emphasis on creativity in a culture gives rise to creative solutions to social problems.

Mexican Gourd Trick aka Scott Keva James
Mexican Gourd Trick makes synthetic music from a combination of real and imagined objects. Tracks vary from ambient to noisy, from droning to sometimes melodic and even, occasionally have a beat in there somewhere. He has performed in Denver, Seattle and parts of Ohio, almost always in collaboration with Scott Keva James.

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