Crystal Beth_Highline_052316

one night only – three super killers that will explode your heart and open your mind….

more about the show:

A ferociously powerful, psychedelic clarinet and primal scream fronted rock band – Crystal Beth* spits electric fire and cleansing water in dense currents of bethnic chants created to unblock your nervous system and drop that dopamine!

With the reflexes of a mongoose and the swagger of a leftist John Wayne, Crystal Beth* spins her own universe of cathartic hardcore purge pop, brandishing a sword of Boom Boom liberation – sweaty, trance inducing, heart-pouring – these are sonic cupcakes for your soul.

The Boom Boom Band features Tristan Gianola (guitar) / Michael Owcharuk (keyboard) / Isaac Castillo (bass) / Adam Kozie (drums)

*Crystal Beth is a psychoactive stimulant that increases alertness, concentration, and energy, and in high doses, can induce euphoria, enhance self-esteem, and increase libido.

“….fare perhaps best described as world music from an imaginary planet — or at least one recently visited by Yoko Ono….quite compelling and magical….” (Seattle Times)

“You can find {Crystal Beth} fearlessly indulging her wildest creative inklings whenever she materializes in a musical forum…Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band falls somewhere between the grisly skronk-punk of Stickers and earthy freak-indie of tUnE-yArDs, but even fans of those left-of-center acts will be thrown for a loop. Wailing vocals not bound to any conventions but {her} own, paired with percussive “Bethnic chants,” are set over freely drawn jazz figures and world-y rhythms.” (the Stranger)

Nosretep consists of Mike Peterson on drums, Andy Sells on bass, and Igor Abuladze on guitar. The 3 write music together that is “pretty fucked up, but goes down smooth. Like being electrocuted to death and smiling the entire time.”-Tommy from The Accused.

The latest endeavor of maker/performer, Paris Hurley. Primarily a band, OBJECT AS SUBJECT, works to invent new intersections between music, dance, performance, and installation. Built on an ongoing investigation of cultural mythologies, personas, ritual, oppression, and our individual, cultural, & collective performances of identity, the project brings these explorations to life in a visceral landscape of dark drones, gritty bass riffs, wailing vocals, and stage antics of overtly feminist proportions.

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