SHOWS 4/22-24/16: (re)MOVE: Back Toward Again the (re)TURN Facing WITH KARIN STEVENS DANCE

Karin Stevens Dance

“Throughout history, we have used the term “Mother Earth” to draw connections between the life-giving power of woman and the world, recognizing both as a source of life, love, and nourishment, both literally and figuratively.

And yet, throughout history we have also abused, neglected, and exploited both woman and the earth. We have inflicted countless physical, political, social, and symbolic injustices upon them, stripping them of their strength, power, and personal value again and again.

That is the premise behind Seattle-based dancer and choreographer Karin Stevens’ newest work, titled (re)MOVE: Back Toward Again the (re)TURN Facing. It is a 70-minute dance featuring music by three Seattle composers: Wayne Horvitz, Michael Owcharuk, and Nate Omdal. The work premieres this weekend with three performances at Velocity Dance Center on Capitol Hill.”

Read more in this in depth interview with Karin Stevens:…/concert-preview-remove-return…/

April 22 & 23 @7:30
April 24 @ 6:30

Full of turbulent exchanges, (re) MOVE: (re) TURN pulls from thousands of years of scientific, philosophical and spiritual writing on connections between women and the earth. Within the expansive and driving string quartet movements, including Owcharuk’s Upward Spiral, written specifically for Karin Stevens Dance with support from 4Culture and Horvitz’s, These Hills of Glory for string quartet and improvising soloist, winner of a 2008 NEA American Masterpieces Award, five female dancers weave patterns of separation and alliance, drawing connections between our bodies and the lands we inhabit. Chinese Five Element theory, mythical and mystical stories of the divine female and the current denigration of the female voice inform the choreography. This unfolding, evening-length collaboration evokes ancient and forgotten truths as a call to action. Can a loving change be recovered?

Violinists Paris Hurley and Alex Guy, violist Heather Bentley, cellist Maria Scherer Wilson, bassist Nate Omdal, clarinetist Beth Fleenor, drummer Isaac Joseph Boyle and pianist Michael Owcharuk perform alongside the dancers.

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Info here:

Photo by Karen Mason Blair

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