father daughter 041116

Father Daughter is dedicated to presenting an evening of ambient music and visuals in an attempt to create an immersive, site specific environment. This is an ongoing series dedicated to the Expansion of Cinema with the aid of local musicians and film makers. Father Daughter is the Brainchild of Nico Sophiea (of Grale and Time Eater) and Darb Aduor (of Leviathan Worship Service).

Monday, April 11 – Royal Room (Seattle, WA)

7:45 – 8:20 – K.O. Solo
8:30 – 9:05 – MESS
9:15 – 9:50 – Double Yoko

Double Yoko
Started in 2006, Double Yoko, is a collaboration between multidisciplinary artists, Beth Fleenor and Paris Hurley. Primarily rooted in improvisation, the duo spans territory from chamber music to noise, guttural drone chants to Balkan flourishes, throwing in a spattering of handmade artifacts, philosophical theories, and curated experiences along the way.
Beth Fleenor: clarinets / voice / electronics / percussion / toys / found objects
Paris Hurley: vioiln / voice / electric bass / electronics / cassette players / dance

KO Solo
Kate Olson (KO SOLO) is an improvising saxophonist and woodwind teacher based in Seattle, WA. Since moving to Seattle in 2010, she has done her best to infiltrate the local, regional and international improvised music scenes. She can be heard performing with her own projects Syrinx Effect, KO SOLO, and the KO Ensemble and as a collaborator with Ask the Ages, the Seattle Rock Orchestra, the Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble and Electric Circus (led by Wayne Horvitz), the Seattle Jazz Composer’s Ensemble and multiple other groups.

MESS collective is a collaborative performance ensemble that was founded by Amelia May Coulter, Mariah Davis, and Haley Freedlund in 2015. Their work is inspired by queer theory, liberation politics, social situations, personal storytelling, gender & sexuality, and finding new ways of relating to themselves and others. As a group, they co-create scores as rough templates for interactive, improvisational, and durational work.

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