In 1939 Joe Kavalier smuggles himself, Houdini-style, out of Nazi-occupied Prague and reappears in New York to live with his cousin, Sammy Clay. It’s the golden age of comic books and the ambitious pair—the storyteller and the artist—invent the perfect superhero for America on the brink of the Second World War. Chabon’s tale of escape, transformation, magic, and moxie is a modern-day epic­—Book-It will present this novel as a theatrical event complete with dinner break.

Book by Michael Chabon
Abridged Stage Version by Jeff Schwager
Directed by Myra Platt

Music by Michael Owcharuk
Performed by Owcharuk (piano / accordion)  & Beth Fleenor (clarinets/voice)
June 10 – July 13, 2014* (Fleenor will perform through July 10, 2014)

Buy your tickets now!

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