Jack Straw Productions and Washington Composer Forum present
Composer Spotlight:
SILT: Blindfolds, Conduction, and Sonic Meditation
A look at focusing agents and artifacts

Wed, October 9, 7:30pm

Jack Straw Productions
4261 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Composed as a conducted arrangement, spontaneously weaving together improvisation and written components, SILT is a meditation that seamlessly grows, climaxes, and diminishes over a 7-30 minute exploration of 8 interlocking parts.

Commissioned by the Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble and UMAMI Performance in 2012, SILT was created for music and dance to affect and trigger each other in real time, in a work that also stands alone as a sonic meditation. SILT achieves this through the use of Conduction or a form of conducted improvisation including set cells of material.

The Workshop Ensemble*, which was created to present this and other exploratory, intention based works – including practice in the Etudes for Blindfolded Ensemble – recently recorded this work as part of Jack Straw’s Artist Support Program.

After a brief talk about the blindfolded process, Conduction (Fleenor has studied & practiced various styles with numerous artists over the last decade) and other focusing agents, we will listen to SILT blindfolded and with the score.

*Workshop Ensemble (WE) are Michele Khazak (voice), Kate Olson, Brian Bermudez, Chris Credit (reeds), Sam Boshnack (trumpet), Naomi Seigel (trombone), Michael Owcharuk (piano), Geoff Larson, Evan Flory Barnes (bass), Greg Campbell (percussion/horn), Adam Kozie (drums), and Beth Fleenor (clarinet, voice, composition).


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