Episode 1 in Frye Salon, 2013–14 season. Joshua Kohl, composer and co-artistic director of Seattle’s renowned Degenerate Art Ensemble, premieres new compositions commissioned by the Frye Art Museum. Earlier this year, Kohl visited his father, legendary writer and educator Herbert R. Kohl. The results of this visit are new compositions, some incorporating elements of his father’s poetry and writings, which premiered as a live performance on September 19 and remain as a sound installation September 21–October 20.

Featured: new work for string quartet, clarinet and piano performed by Beth Fleenor (clarinet), Paris Hurley & Alina To (violin), Brian Atwell (viola), Maria Scherer Wilson (cello), Korby Sears (piano) with poetry by Herbert R. Kohl.

Information: http://fryemuseum.org/exhibition/5299/

> Read a review of the live performance: http://www.vanguardseattle.com/2013/09/20/frye-salon-1-joshua-and-herbert-kohl-father-son-poetry-music/

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