As an improvised work, each night of Naked is necessarily different; each night, too, has a different accompanist. The night I attended, Ms. Barnes’ musical accompanist was the divine Ms. Beth Fleenor. Ms. Fleenor herself is a dynamo very much like Ms. Barnes and their sympathetic relationship is immediately obvious. So is their conversational tone. From the very first moment that both women pick up maple seeds from the floor, one can see the women responding to the same stimuli and to each other: Ms. Barnes uses the maple seeds to accentuate her visual movement, while Ms. Fleenor turns them into rustling musicmakers. It is extraordinary to hear the two women in their lead-and-follow interplay, with Ms. Barnes sometimes letting Ms. Fleenor hijack the lead without so much as an audible seam. It is everything wonderful about improvisation: immediate, sensuous, palpable, fragile, irreproducible.

(Omar Wiley, The Seattle Star; Paige Barnes’ Naked: The Affront of Improvisation)

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