original fig_photo by Rebecca Williams

Finally!!  Six years in the making, the 3-CD Figeater Box Set: SWEET FIGEATER SURPRISE will be deployed this week. Recorded as part of the Jack Straw Artist Support Program, SWEET FIGEATER SURPRISE features six different conFIGurations, arranged into three individual FIGures, in a vast sonic buffet that embodies the Principles of the Fig. Figeater is a time-based performance process emphasized ensemble that recognizes the audience and environment as members of the conFIGuration performing. Engaging with the box set, you become the Figeater as you choose how to move through the material presented.

Join us for the Surprise Deployment Party at the Rendezvous (Seattle) August 25 – 9pm and look for the collection online through Bunny Blasto Records in the coming weeks.

super special fig

“Led by clarinetist Beth Fleenor, Figeater make improvised music that ranges from insistently propulsive and buoyant – Fleenor can channel the spirit of Raymond Scott with aplomb – to aloof atmospheres, thugged-up backbeats, and loony, melismatic rants.” (The Stranger)

unit special fig_photo by Rebecca Williams

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