frankly mondays_june

Monday, June 24 – 8pm

Royal Room
5000 Rainier Ave S

In Crystal Beth* (solo) multi-instrumentalist/composer Beth Fleenor spins sound using voice, clarinet, loops and effects, weaving a participatory aural ritual encompassing urban tribal chants & improvisations, alien disco breaks and robot love songs.

*Crystal Beth is a psychoactive stimulant that increases alertness, concentration, and energy, and in high doses, can induce euphoria, enhance self-esteem, and increase libido.

Featured in the second set, Fleenor’s Workshop Ensemble (WE) present an ever growing number of exploratory scores based on an in-depth practice of mutual respect. A 12-piece modular ensemble, WE create music super charged with compositional and collective intent. Grounded in learning and working Fleenor’s 20 Etudes for Blindfolded Musicians, WE also work in conduction, sonic meditation, and cross-stitched graphic scores. Through the use of blindfolds to heighten full body listening/awareness, WE cultivate focused intention, highlighting that intention as a respected member of the ensemble, in a practice of non-visual, non-verbal empathic communication.

This performance will feature: Michele Khazak (voice), Kate Olson, Brian Bermudez (reeds), Naomi Seigel (trombone), Michael Owcharuk (piano), Evan Flory Barnes (bass), Greg Campbell (percussion/horn), Adam Kozie (drums), and Beth Fleenor (clarinet, voice, composition).

Sometimes it’s groovy, sometimes it’s serene, sometimes it’s a noise bath, WE are always grounded in power, intention, and respect.

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