Sunday, May 5
Racer Session
Cafe Racer
5828 Roosevelt Way NE

I’m EXTREMELY excited to be curating my first Racer Session. For this evening my Workshop Ensemble (WE) will perform a work from the etude book I’ve been writing – 20 Movement Exercises for Blindfolded Ensemble. We will start by playing a blindfolded improvisation, then work through one of the Movement Exercises (ME) without the blindfolds, and then put the blindfolds back on and play the same piece in its full form.

Through the use of blindfolds to heighten full body listening/awareness, WE cultivate focused intention, highlighting that intention as a respected member of the ensemble, in a practice of non-visual, non-verbal, empathic communication. The etudes (ME) are used to develop intuitive, organic, group decision making in the creation of spontaneously composed music, which can then be applied to other aspects of sound/existence.

The idea is to remove tendencies such as “courtesy & competitive composition” committing to and communicating our individual intent with each gesture to the group at large, so that we can move seamlessly and more dynamically as a unit.

WE are a 12-piece modular ensemble. This performance will feature Michele Khazak (voice), Brian Bermudez, Chris Credit (reeds), Michael Owcharuk (keyboard), Paul Kemmish, (bass), Adam Kozie (drums), and myself (clarinet, voice, composition).

BYOBlindfold for a heightened listening experience.

*     *     *     *     *


This edition of the Racer Sessions is OFFICIALLY participating in the UNDEAD Music Festival’s DAY of DIY, a synchronous celebration of music that takes place in unconventional places!


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