Friday, April 5
Chapel Performance Space / Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave N
8 pm
$5 – $15 sliding scale suggested donation at the door (cash/checks only)


Formed in 2011 the Sam Boshnack Quintet performs all original music composed and performed by Samantha Boshnack (trumpets) with Beth Fleenor (clarinets/voice), Dawn Clement (piano), Isaac Castillo (bass), and Max Wood (drums). An intimate but high-energy band, the Quintet packs a power punch in what is recognized as a traditional jazz set up. Boshnack creates work with intricately woven soundscapes harboring deep grooves and punctuated, explosive improvisations. The highly fluid Quintet charges chamber precision with the syncopated rhythm of her personal blend of jazz, rock, contemporary chamber, world, and experimental music.
amplified clarinet trio_photo by chris davis

Three of Seattle’s infamously curious and boisterous improvisers join forces in the Amplified Clarinet Trio. Featuring Beth Fleenor, Amy Denio & Craig Flory, the Trio performs all improvised music using clarinets and electronics. Each outfitted with a direct barrel microphone, a host of sound toys, and a penchant for the deep beauty that can be found in elevating oddity, the Amplified Clarinet Trio brings this three-century old instrument into 21st century glory. A chamber ensemble not afraid of groove – a power trio not afraid of tone – an improvised ensemble hell-bent on melody and compositional structure, the Amplified Clarinet Trio just want to make some good noise.

[SBQ photo by Bruce Tom / ACT photo by Chris Davis]

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