SJCE Bible show


Thursday, March 28 – 8pm
Friday, March 29 – 8pm

Town Hall
1119 8th Ave
Seattle 98101


Tickets: 03/28

Tickets: 03/29

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle has teamed up with the Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble and Eric Lane Barnes (with members from Seattle Men’s & Women’s Choir), to present original music inspired by The Old Testament. 10 Songwriters have written 10 new songs based on 10 stories form the Bible’s Old Testament. SJCE took these songs and arranged them for a 7-piece band and chamber choir. Thursday & Friday, all this comes together to bring you an evening of song, comedy, and theater, re-imagining stories from one of the oldest, influential, and controversial books we know.

This has been a fantastically deep project for me….I grew up living dual lives between the prong of the buckle of the bible belt, and the inside of my dad’s planetarium – if you ever wonder how I ended up the way I did, the answer lies in that truth…moving between a social community entirely defined by Christianity, both in it’s greatest attributes, and its most narrowing exclusivity, and listening to daily stories about the expansiveness of the universe, and internalizing notions of astronomers on house arrest for saying the sun was the center of our solar system, well, that gives a kid a LOT of questions…..and a lot of thought about humans and perspective….eventually I learned about “reality tunnels” and finally something started to make sense….I firmly stand by the notion that I don’t care if you are a creationist or an evolutionist, either way we came from the same place, and we need to act like it – it’s all one thing – this life is precious, we are all children, we’re all ignorant, and we’re are all in it together – the universe is expanding, right now – how spectacular is that!!

for this show I was assigned the book of Leviticus –
The codification and ritual of Leviticus struck me instantly…26 pages of do this, don’t do this, do this like this, burn this, cut this, eat this, leave that alone – systems systems systems, and the deep, honest, search for an answer to living, of how to live – to the difficulty of existence – to the complexity of the human being (psychologically, biologically, physiologically, intellectually) – sought through experiential balance and surrender to hierarchical structures.

It made me think extensively about the immense weight of consciousness – of what it really means to be responsible for yourself, for your actions, for your inclinations, and their outcomes…. a reflection of our sociological ignorance and evolution, and simultaneous desperation for answers, for help, for support – for a way to “win” and do it right. There’s power in word, something to hold on to, to measure by, to focus through. It becomes stone.

We still haven’t learned to collectively take responsibility for our personal consciousness and contributing existence – the weight of that seems to be something we collectively keep trying to ignore…it’s painful – we are always seeking a release…

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