WE 4_ken h

Beth Fleenor’s process based large ensemble performing live at the Chapel Performance Space in it’s 11-piece form.

WE performed the 2012 conduction work SILT, as well as Movement Exercise No. 6 & Temple 2 for blindfolded ensemble.

featuring Beth Fleenor (clarinet/voice), Michele Khazak (voice), Kate Olson (soprano sax), Chris Credit (bass clarinet), Brian Bermudez (tenor sax), Sam Boshnack (trumpet), Paul Kemmish & Evan Flory Barnes (bass), Michael Owcharuk (piano), Greg Campbell (percussion), and Adam Kozie (drums).

(((( LISTEN ))))

Workshop Ensemble
February 13, 2013
Chapel Performance Space
Wayward Music Series
Good Shepherd Center

recorded by Steve Kennedy Williams
photos by Ken H & Steve Kennedy Williams

coming up: Workshop Ensemble_April 2_Electric Tea Garden

WE 1_ken h

WE 2_ken h

WE 3_ken h

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