fleenor_monktail poster_feb mar 2013

The first Tuesday of every month sees a different Beth Fleenor project at the Electric Tea Garden, hosted by the Monktail Creative Music Concern.

In February, Fleenor joins forces with her favorite clarinetists in town – Amy Denio & Craig Flory – for a night of Amplified Clarinet Trio.


On tour in Slovenia in 2009 Fleenor saw her first real live gypsy brass band featuring a screaming clarinetist. Playing with ease and full range on top of a drum and brass onslaught, she asked the clarinetist his secret to amplification and he bestowed a life-changing gem: “you put a hole in the barrel and stick the mic inside”…..since that fateful night, four Seattle based clarinetists have added this system to their instrument, and for this performance, three of them will improvise together – with amplification – and electronics!

Tuesday, February 5 – 9pm

Electric Tea Garden
above the Artificial Limbs business
entrance on 14th

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