Below are excerpts being used in the audio installation component of Wayne Horivitz’s new modular site-specific multimedia work.

I had the privilege of recording for 4 days with Horvitz and Tucker Martine in the bunkers and cistern at the Fort. Each day was a different set of musicians and performance parameters –  I got to play with such an incredible range of artists.  Improvisation, written segments, many many hours, underground, in the dark…in some of the most unimaginably mystical acoustic spaces I’ve ever entered.

The full piece – 55: Music and Dance in Concrete – premieres in September in Seattle, Port Townsend, and at the Arizona State University Art Museum, with a pre-recorded electronic score comprised of fragments from 55 improvisations and 55 written works.

Improvised trio with BF (clar), Eyvind Kang and Briggan Krauss…in the Fort Worden Cistern with its 45 second reverb, and a Wayne Horvitz / Tucker Martine blessing….

Horvitz 55 written excerpt…BF (bass clar) + Maria Mannisto, Victoria Parker, Heather Bentley, Rowena Hammill…recorded in a concrete bunker…a very very cold concrete bunker, with the most enchanting sound…

more info: http://www.55inconcrete.com

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